Hi, I’m Brittany!


About me:

I am a Charleston girl born & raised. I am currently living in Chicago, IL with my hubby Zach and my two sweet pups! A little about me… I LOVE football so much and my teams are The Carolina Gamecocks and The New England Patriots! I keep up with the Kardashians more than I keep up with my own life. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Lastly, I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan!

I started this blog as a creative outlet because I have always loved writing and sharing my beauty/fashion tips! I will always be 100% transparent with y’all and I am so happy that you are here! I hope through me sharing all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle I can somehow inspire you!

If you ever want to ask me anything, don’t hesitate to reach out. I check my Instagram DMs and email daily.

Welcome to Little Blonde Belle!

XOXO, Brit